The Hottest Trend for 2020: Gift Card Printing

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Gift cards provide a convenient, hassle-free way to make thoughtful gifts. Whether it's for friends, family, or business associates, the process of printing a plastic gift card elevates the value of any gift-giving occasion. In this article, we'll explore the basics of gift card printing, including features, benefits, pros and cons, several case studies, frequently asked questions, common mistakes and the best practices for printing a plastic gift card.

Plastic Card Printing

From the principles of card design to the process of printing them out, it's important to understand the various elements involved when creating a plastic gift card.


Gift cards are printed with some unique features that set them apart from regular credit cards. Gift cards are printed with features such as a unique design, special text, and the ability to be personalized with names, messages, or even images. Gift cards also come with unique card numbers, expiration dates, and security features that help protect against fraud and theft.


Gift cards provide several advantages for both the gift-giver and the recipient. Gift-givers can customize the design and message to reflect the recipient's personality, and recipients can easily use the cards at any location or online that accepts major credit cards. Plus, when you gift cards instead of cash, your recipient can shop for exactly what they want and avoid those annoying return trips.

Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons to consider when printing a plastic gift card. On the plus side, gift cards are an easy way to give a thoughtful gift without having to worry about recipient preferences or store return policies. On the other hand, gift cards can be easily lost or stolen if not kept secure. In addition, gift card purchases often come with activation or activation fees that may shrink the value of the card.

Case Studies

To illustrate the benefits of gift card printing, here are a few stories from real-life customers:

Case Study 1

Kate, a mother of two teenage boys, wanted to give her sons a meaningful gift for their graduation. After deciding on gift cards, she quickly designed and printed two personal cards with messages and photos for each son. She was thrilled when her sons were able to use the gift cards to purchase exactly what they wanted.

Case Study 2

George runs an online business and wanted to reward his loyal customers with a reward he knew they'd use. After doing research, he decided to print out custom gift cards. By offering the gift cards, George was able to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Case Study 3

Sara had recently moved to a new city and wanted to give her new neighbors a special welcome. She printed out a handful of personalized plastic cards with a message about her family and an address where she could be contacted. Her new neighbors were touched by the gesture and grateful for the gift cards.


When it comes to printing plastic gift cards, here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Is it possible to print out gift cards for my business?

A: Yes! Gift cards are a great way to reward your customers and encourage loyalty.

Q: Can I add a personalized message to my gift cards?

A: Yes! Most printers allow you to customize the design and the message on the card.

Q: Is it possible to print out gift cards worth different amounts?

A: Yes! You can easily print out cards with different values or you can add a pre-set amount to a card.

Mistakes People Make

When printing gift cards, it's important to avoid some common mistakes. For example, forgetting to include the expiration date or not including security features. Making sure to check for such details is essential in order to offer a secure and reliable product.

Best Practices

To ensure a successful printing experience, it's important to follow some best practices. When designing your gift card, it's important to plan ahead and consider the recipient's preferences. Additionally, establish sufficient security measures to protect against fraud or theft of the cards. Finally, test the cards to make sure they are functioning properly and have all the necessary information before sending them out.

Summary Review

Printing a plastic gift card is an excellent way to give a thoughtful gift to friends, family or business associates. Knowing the features, benefits, pros and cons, some case studies, frequently asked questions, common mistakes and the best practices for printing a plastic gift card is key in providing a successful gift-giving experience.