The Advantages of Plastic Business Card Printing For Professionals

Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Business Card Printing

Plastic business cards are some of the most eye-catching business cards you can create! Plastic cards give businesses more flexibility and options for designing something that really stands out from the crowd. In this article, we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of plastic business card printing, as well as provide a few tips for getting the most bang for your buck when you're ready to produce!

Plastic business cards are created by printing onto a thin, flexible, waterproof material. These cards are much thicker than regular paper cards and are incredibly durable. With the right design, they will last you much longer than paper cards and make a lasting impression.

  • Thick, durable, waterproof material.
  • More flexible design options than paper cards.
  • Can be printed with unique finishes such as metallic inks.
  • Lasts longer than paper cards.

  • Much more attention-grabbing than paper cards.
  • The printed finish helps your card stand out.
  • The thick material makes your card more memorable.
  • The waterproof material won't be damaged by spills or rain.

Thicker material makes a lasting impression.The prices for plastic cards are higher than paper cards.
The waterproof material won't be easily damaged.Printing options for plastic cards are more limited than paper cards.
Plastic cards are more durable and last longer than paper cards.Graphics, photos, and complex designs can be harder to print onto plastic cards.

Here are a few examples of businesses who have had success using plastic business cards in their marketing efforts.

  • Cardlex: Cardlex is a credit card printer and service provider. For their business cards, Cardlex chose to use a unique blend of plastic and metal. The result was a unique and eye-catching business card that has been extremely successful in helping them stand out from the competition.
  • Loyalty Card Printing: Loyalty Card Printing is a company that specializes in printing loyalty cards for businesses. For their business cards, they chose to use a thick plastic material and printed it with a holographic finish. As a result, the card was extremely eye-catching, and the holographic finish made it stand out from their competitors.
  • ReVamp: ReVamp is an apparel company. For their business cards, they chose to use a thick plastic material with an embossed finish. This gave their business cards an elegant and luxurious feel, which was a perfect fit for their brand.

  • Q: How much do plastic business cards cost?

    A: Prices for plastic business cards vary depending on the size, type of material, and printing process used. The average cost is usually between $200 and $500 for 500 cards.

  • Q: How long do plastic business cards last?

    A: Plastic business cards are thicker and more durable than paper cards, so they should last longer. Depending on the material and design, plastic cards can last anywhere from 1-5 years or more.

  • Q: Can I get a sample of a plastic business card before I order?

    A: Yes, most print shops will offer samples of their plastic cards. Be sure to ask for a sample before you commit to ordering a large batch of cards!

Sometimes people make mistakes when they are ordering plastic business cards. Here are a few mistakes that should be avoided:

  • Not asking for a sample before ordering a large batch. Always request a sample first so you know exactly what you are getting.
  • Forgetting to proofread the card. Always check your card for spelling and grammatical errors before you order.
  • Not ordering enough cards. It's always better to order more than you think you need, so you don't run out of cards quickly.
  • Choosing a design that is too busy. Plastic cards need a simple design to look their best, so avoid adding too many graphics or text.

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when creating your plastic business cards:

  • Keep your design and text simple. A simple, clean design will make your card stand out more.
  • Check all spelling and grammar. Make sure your card is mistake-free before ordering.
  • Include your relevant contact information. Make sure you include your phone number, website, and other important contact information.
  • Order a sample first. Ask your printer for a sample before you commit to a large order.
  • Order enough cards. Make sure to order enough cards so you don't run out too quickly.

Plastic business cards are a great way to make a lasting impression. With the right design and quality printing, your cards will stand out from the crowd and make sure your business is remembered. So, if you're looking to make a strong impression, plastic business card printing is the way to go!